Japanimiut Filmiliornikkut Festivaliat

Japanimiut Københavnimut Aallartitaata Seishi Suei-p Ilulissat ulluni 30.-1. juli aamma Nuuk ulluni 1. - 4. juli tikeraarpai.

Tikeraarnerup siunertaraa Kalaallit Nunaata Japanillu kulturikkut, ilisimatusarnikkut aningaasarsiornikkullu suleqatigiinnerata nukittorsarnissaa.

Naalakkersuisut Japan ukioq manna immikkut sammivaat Kalaallit Nunaat Japanimi ukioru decembarimi inuussutissarsiornikkut nittarsaassisussaammat.

Japanimiut Aallartitaata Nuummiinnermini Japanimiut Filmiliaat pillugit Festival Katuami ulluni 2.- 4. juli pisussaq Aningaasaqarnermut Nunamullu Namminermut Naalakkersuisoq Vittus Qujaukitsoq peqatigalugu ammarpaa 2. juli 2014 nal. 17:00.


Vittus Qujaukitsup oqalugiaataa:

“Welcome to opening of the Japan Film Festival 2014 In Nuuk. In the next two days, we will experience a brief of insight of Nihon Eiga – or simply called as Hóga.
I am honored to present the Honorable Mr. Suei Seishi to Greenland in order to prepare events that would bring Greenland and Japan closer to each other.
Film is a very direct way to bring people together. A way to learn more about other people´s culture, language, history, costumes, food, design, technology and traditions.
But not least a way to learn more about people.
Japan have paved way for many international acclaimed directors through many decades such as Kenji Mizogushi (The 47 Ronin), Akira Kurosawa, Masaka Kobayashi (Samurai Rebellion), Kitano Takeshi and we are all aware of many of those creators, which have given of important insight on Japanese movies and motion pctures. Kaiju, cartoons and animated pictures are as important as movies.
Not only have you given us Samurai, fine culture, literature and Japanese food inspiration. You also have given us karate, aikido, judo, ninja, Godzilla, sushi, anime and many other things, that we today cherish.
The most important aspect of the movie industry is perhaps what it gives people? Imagination and inspiration.
I am sure that this Festival will give us all this.”