The Government of Greenland approves two applications for new pioneering licenses to explore industrial gasses

Naalakkersuisut has approved two applications for a mineral prospecting licence and a mineral exploration licence from the English company Skyfire Ltd. Skyfire intends to conduct exploration after industrial gasses on license areas in east Greenland. The applications are unique in the sense that previously there hasn’t been granted any licenses for the exploration of industrial gasses in Greenland. The approval of the applications is not a contradiction of the decision by Naalakkersuisut to halt all hydrocarbon exploration in Greenland. One of the reasons is that industrial gasses and hydrocarbons are not the same. Hydrocarbons consist of organic matter (algae and plant remains) which have been buried deep under ground and exposed to temperature fluctuations during millions of years. In contrast, industrial gasses originate from inorganic processes occurring in the earth's crust. Industrial gasses do neither contain organic matter nor carbon. Exploration of industrial gasses will be administered as mineral exploration. Compared to other mineral exploration licenses the Mineral Licence and Safety Authority will have an enlarged competence to enforce special terms for the practical conduct of the exploration of industrial gasses.

For more information contact Rannvá Clementsen, Head of Agency tel. +299 34 68 23 or email