Joint Statement on U.S. - Greenland Cooperation

On September 15, representatives from the governments of the United States of America and Greenland met in Nuuk under the Common Plan for U.S.-Greenland Cooperation in Support of Our Understanding for Pituffik (“Common Plan”). The Joint Committee restarted during the meetings in Nuuk and the United States and Greenland reaffirmed their commitment to the Common Plan, signed in October 2020.

This Joint Committee, created under the 2004 Igaliku Agreements, is intended to realize the objectives of the Common Plan, through diplomatic engagement and agency and ministry cooperation, to contribute to strengthening the partnership and the prosperous relationship between the United States of America and Greenland. The Joint Committee seeks to strengthen the ties between the people of the United States and Greenland in four primary areas: trade and investment, energy and mining sector cooperation, educational and cultural cooperation, and scientific and environmental cooperation.