Naalakkersuisoq Steen Lynge met with Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

On July 22, 2020, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Energy, Steen Lynge, met with United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

The meeting was held in Copenhagen together with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofod, and Minister of Culture and Foreign Affairs, Jenis av Rana.

On July 21 Steen Lynge, held a pre-meeting with Jeppe Kofod, and Jenis av Rana. It was the first meeting between the three participants.

At the pre-meeting, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Energy Steen Lynge pointed out:
” We hope to continue our constructive and fruitful dialogue on how to ensure that the US military presence in Greenland will benefit our country and the Greenlandic society in the best way possible.”

At the meeting with Mike Pompeo, Steen Lynge, raised the point:
”A solution to the Thule Airbase service contract is the key to a good relationship with the USA. For a solution to be acceptable therefore, it needs to live up to three criteria:
  • Specifically tied to Thule Air Base,
  • is real, tangible and substantial,
  • as well as secured for the future.”
Naalakkersuisoq Steen Lynge welcomed the cooperation between Greenland and USA on the new civil projects, and of which he expresses:

”The new collaboration on civil projects, with our geographical neighbor and friend, could positively contribute to Greenland’s economic and educational development.”

For further information contact:

Deputy Minister Kenneth Høegh, e-mail: cell phone no.: +299 56 56 04