Payment-fishery in Greenland 2020

Hereby The Ministry of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture draws attention to the current rules and possibilities for tourists to buy fishing-licenses.
As tourist or guest in Greenland you have to buy a fishing-license, if you wish to go fishing. You can either buy your fishing-license in Greenland or before you arrive in Greenland. If you wish to buy more than one fishing-license, then you have to buy them one at a time. Fishing-licenses as giro-payment cards are available at post-offices and alternatively a bank-transfer can be made to the Department Of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture’s bank account.
  • Name of the Bank: Grønlandsbanken (Bank of Greenland)
  • SWIFT: GL0264710001002160
You can transfer the following amounts:
A: For a 24-hour licence: DKR 75,-
B: For a one-week licence: DKR 200,-
C: For a one-month licence: DKR 500,-
The official money-transfer receipt from the bank is your personal fishing-licence, which needs to be carried on you while fishing.
The money transfer shall include the following reference-text, which also has to appear on your receipt:
  1. The first nine characters of your last name – example ”Kristians” for Kristiansen.
  2. The first three characters in your name – example ”Mic” for Michael.
  3. The first three characters of the (starting) month you wish the licence to be valid in – example: ”jul” for july.
  4. The date for the first day you wish the license to be valid from – example ”21”.
  5. In this case, the text is “Kristians mic jul 21”.
When buying fishing-lincenses you have to be aware that the following rivers are concessioned for sports-fishing and if you as tourist or guest wish to go fishing there, then you have to contact the concessionaries.

  • Kuussuaq in Qussuk in Nuup Kangerlua – Nuuk Adventure.
  • Robinson River in Angujaartorfik – Albatros Arctic Circle.
  • Qooqqut in the Kangia-fjord – Major Hunting.
  • Eqalussussuit in Northern Isortoq – Sirius Greenland.
  • Erfalik between Kangerlussuaq and Itilleq – Sirius Greenland.
  • Napiarissat between Kangerlussuaq and Itilleq – Sirius Greenland.
  • Sassannguit between Kangerlussuaq and Itilleq – Leif Fontaine.
  • Kangia-fjord at Maniitsoq – Arctic Wildlife Adventures.
  • Ipiutaq Guest Farm at Narsaq.
For further information not mentioned here you can contact the Department Of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture,

For more detailed information contact Head of Division Nuka Møller Lund, Department Of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, tlf.: +299 34 53 45, e-mail: