Dundas Titanium application for exploitation licence

Dundas Titanium has submitted an application for a licence to exploit a deposit of ilmenite at Moriusaq in North-West Greenland. In this connection, the company has submitted statutory drafts for a Social Impact Assessment Statement (SIA) and an Environmental Impact Assessment Statement (EIA). The documents have now been sent out for public consultation and are available here: click

The consultation period runs from 24 June to 2 September. During the consultation period, pursuant to the Mineral Resources Act, consultation meetings will be held in accordance with the current guidelines for gatherings in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The meetings will be held in Qaanaaq, Savissivik and Ilulissat

More detailed information about the exact times of consultation meetings and the specific guidelines for how the meetings will be conducted will be announced shortly.

The consultation meetings are so that the residents in Qaanaaq, Savissivik and Ilulissat can receive information and ask questions about the project.

For more information, contact: Jens Frederik Nielsen, Minister for Industry and Mineral Resources. Contact Salik D. Damgaard, Private Secretary to the Minister, by email sald@nanoq.gl or mobile phone + 299 29 38 96.