Arctic Future Challenge

Naalakkersuisut, The Faroes Landsstýri and the Icelandic Government in collaboration with the Government of Denmark have chosen to acknowledge youth as a key political priority. Arctic Future Challenge has been created and the concept of the idea was launched at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland in October 2019. The aim of the competition is to strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation among the Arctic youth, and to create awareness of the Arctic as a region with entrepreneurial business and investment potential.

Naalakkersuisoq for Education, Culture, the Church and Foreign Affairs, Ane Lone Bagger says:
“It is the youth in the Arctic Region, who are capable of creating the future Businesses. The youth holds the key to secure a sustainable development of the Arctic region in the future to come. It is important, for the youth to have the right means to become innovative and able to make the Startup of their dreams. It is for the youth to make certain, that the Arctic will have economic growth and social development for the future.”

Arctic Future Challenge Overview
The competition is based upon a detailed framework to encourage youth participating or interested in participating in entrepreneurship a forum to showcase the businesses, or business concepts. The competition will be completed as an award show taking place at the Arctic Circle Assembly Conference in Iceland in October 2020.

Target Group
Youth ages 18-29 years living in and/or studying in an educational institution or operating a business in one of the Arctic countries.

With three competition categories:
(1) Youth Founder of the Year
(2) Youth Startup of the Year, and
(3) Best Business Concept for students!

Eligible Regions
Arctic regions in the Arctic countries: Greenland, the Faroe Islands (The Kingdom of Denmark), Canada, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States.

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