New mineral strategy has five focus areas

Greenland Government has approved Greenland's Mineral Strategy 2020 - 2024 , which contains five focus areas. The goal of these areas is getting stronger in the mineral industry by improving conditions for rights holders (mining companies) same time to Greenland get the most benefit from the new activities in the form of increased employment, income, knowledge building etc .:

The five focus areas are:
  1. Strengthened geological knowledge sharing
  2. Efficient, predictable and transparent departmental administration
  3. Simplified transition from exploration to exploitation
  4. Sustainable development of the exploitation of non-living ressources
  5. Competitive tax and royalty model
Each focus area contains specific objectives and initiatives, which must
implemented during the strategy period.

“It is gratifying that Naalakkersuisut can present its new strategy for the mineral area. The strategy is in line with Greenland Government desire to develop use of non-living ressources as one of main industries. In the strategy we have listened to the relevant stakeholders so that Greenland can improve its place as a more competitive and attractive mining nation for the benefit of all of Greenland, ” explains Vittus Qujaukitsoq, Minister of Finance and Mineral Resources.

Openness and involvement
In the preparation of the Mineral Strategy, the Ministry of Minerals has engaged a number of key stakeholders . These include rights holders (mining companies), municipalities and interest organizations in Greenland. In addition , Parliament Business and Mining Committee contributed with its inputs.

The strategy plan can be found on the website of the Mineral Authority - see:

For further information, contact Jørgen T. Hammeken-Holm, Head of Department, Department of Minerals. Tel: +299 34 68 46 Mail: