Meeting about mineral resources

Press release from the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour regarding a meeting on October 23, 2019 with a delegation of government representatives from the United States

On October 23, 2019, Minister of Mineral Resources and Labour, Erik Jensen, met with a delegation from the United States comprising the Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark Carla Sands, Counselor of the Department of State T. Ulrich Brechbuhl, Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Frank Fannon, and other representatives from the Department of State, National Security Council, and the Department of Defense.

At the meeting, the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour provided an overview of Greenland's mineral resource sector, described Greenland’s mineral occurrences, and highlighted the potential for supplying minerals important to the United States. The meeting also addressed the future development of Greenland's mineral resource sector as well as possibilities for future cooperation between the United States and Greenland in mineral resources sector matters.

Minister of Mineral Resources and Labour, Erik Jensen: "I value the constructive cooperation and open dialogue with the United States, and look forward to advance the cooperation with tangible initiatives which will benefit both Greenland and the United States through the development of the mineral resource sector."

For further information, please contact: Jørgen T. Hammeken-Holm, Deputy Minister, Departement for the Mineral Resources and Labour. Mail: Phone: +299 346846