Greenland takes notes of President Trump’s cancellation

Premier of Greenland, Kim Kielsen, takes note of President Donald Trump’s cancellation.

He does not, however, believe that Greenland’s relationship to the big neighbor to the west will suffer from the cancellation:

“The work that has been initiated will, of course, continue. There will be no changes to our connection to the USA or the U.S. Embassy in Denmark, neither to the American plans for a diplomatic presence in Nuuk. It is an official visit that is cancelled.” The Premier of Greenland explains.

The Premier of Greenland does not believe that Trump’s cancellation of his visit will have any consequence for the relationship between Greenland and the USA:

“The Arctic has long been under great focus, and following the climate changes, the interest for the Arctic is also increasing. The focus is now on Greenland, and we will take advantage of this. It opens up new opportunities for cooperation in trade and other areas.” The Premier of Greenland says.