Invitation to apply for licences for commercial exploitation of Greenland's water and ice

the Government of Greenland, Naalakkersuisut, invites companies to tender for rights to commercial exploitation of water and ice in five areas in West Greenland.

The tendering procedure concerns access to the largest and most pristine freshwater reservoir in the Northern Hemisphere , and not least to drinking water of exceptional taste and purity.

One extraction area is located at Paamiut, two areas are close to Nuuk, and two more are located near Maniitsoq.

The locations have been selected for the clean water, running in large quantities, and because they are easily accessible.

The tendering procedure is a new initiative and a technical report will be published, drawn up by the National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). The report will describe the field surveys that have been carried out and the results of analyses of the amounts and quality of the water quality etc.

The deadline for receipt of applications will be no later than 1 August 2019.

The tender documents are available at together with the technical report from GEUS.


Applicants who are interested, are hereby invited to submit applications in accordance with present invitation letter that consists of:

  1. Invitation letter
  2. Model licence
  3. Model approval
  4. Appendix 2 to the approval
  5. Declaration on joint representative and obligation
  6. Application form
  7. GEUS technical report
  8. Inatsisartutlov nr. 11 af 27. november 2018 om kommerciel udnyttelse af is og vand

The application and its appendices may be submitted by letter post or electronically by email.

If the applicant submits the application with appendices by letter post, an electronic copy of the application with appendices shall be saved on a USB memory stick to be enclosed. The electronic copy on the USB memory stick shall be in Microsoft Word format as well as Adobe PDF format.

The application with appendices and questions for the invitation letter should be addressed to:

Ministry of Industry and Energy Imaneq 1A 301 Postboks 1601 3900 Nuuk Telephone: (+299) 34 50 00  E-mail: