Winners of the Mineral Hunt Ujarassiorit 2018

The first prize of Ujarassiorit 2018, 55,000 Danish kroner (tax-free), goes to Olina Themothæussen from Kangaatsiaq. The winning rock sample is a gneiss with sulphide mineralization found at Qeqertaa in the Kangerluarsuk Fjord, north of Ilulissat. The sample yields 53 g/t gold, over 1% copper and bismuth at 0.82%. Gold mineralisations north of Ilulissat are known from Saqqaq and Eqi. This sample, however, indicates the presence of a different type of gold-copper-bismuth mineralisation east of the Ataa-province. The element bismuth often occurs together with gold, and is an important indicator of gold mineralisations. Bismuth is exploited in some cases as a by-product of gold mines, and is used in metal alloys, galvanising and in the chemical industry.

The second prize of 25,000 Danish kroner (tax-free) goes to Naja Nuka Lund Mølgaard from Narsaq, for her granitic rock specimen with elevated tin. The sample was found on an island, approximately 10 km west of Narsaq. The analysis of the sample yielded 87 g/t tin and 402 g/t molybdenum. Only a few tin mineralisations are known in Greenland. The sample indicates a possible presence of a granite-related mineralising system with tin and molybdenum. Tin is used for soldering, in metal alloys, as well as for surface treatment of other metals.

The third prize of 10,000 Danish kroner (tax-free) each goes to two winners:
  • Amalie Sigurdsen from Ikerasak, for her iron-sulphide graphite schist found on an island south of Svartenhuk. The sample holds 14% carbon, most of which is in the form of graphite, over 0.49% zinc and 0.29 g/t rhenium. The sample is from a geological unit within the Karrat Group. The high carbon content is interesting in this framework. Zinc occurrences are known from other places within the Karrat Group. Zinc is used as a pigment in paints and in galvanizing. Rhenium is used in catalysts and high-temperature resistant metal alloys.
  • Alvida Maratse from Tasiilaq, for her sample of a sulphidised quartz vein with gold and copper found nearby of Sermiligaaq. The sample holds 26.8 g/t gold, 0.24% copper and 0.42% bismuth. Although an auriferous Ujarassiorit-sample was previously found in the Tasiilaq area, this sample adds new knowledge to the gold mineralisation in the region.

The fourth prize of 5,000 Danish kroner (tax-free) each goes to four winners:
  • Simujoq Taunajik from Sermiligaaq, for his gold-bearing quartz vein with sulphides from the Sermiligaaq fjord, 15 km northwest of Sermiligaaq. The sample yields 12.7 g/t gold. Gold mineralisations at this part of the Sermiligaaq Fjord have not been documented before.
  • Hans-Kristian Petrussen from Sisimiut, for his sulphide-rich quartz vein. The sample yields 0.32% copper. Sulphide-rich quartz veins, and sulphide mineralisations are rare in the Sisimiut area.
  • Pouline Kleist from Qaanaaq, for her quartz-rich granitic rock sample yielding 100 g/t tin. Tin mineralisations are not known from this area.
  • Marie Sandgreen from Aasiaat, for her ilmenite-rich heavy mineral sand sample from Kitsissunnguit (Grønne Ejland), yielding 7.8% titanium and 0.25% vanadium. This found is of interest as ilmenite mineral sands are easy to extract.
914 rock samples have been submitted to Ujarassiorit in 2018. 168 of then have been geochemically analyzed.

The jury committee of the country-wide mineral hunt, Ujarassiorit, consisted of ore geologists from the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour, and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). All Greenlandic residents can participate at the Ujarassiorit by sending in samples from all post offices for geological inspection to the Ministry. Further information on the Mineral Hunt can be found
Ujarassiorit is organised and financed by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour.

The prizes are sponsored by the following funds and companies:
The Bank of Greenland, and Dundas Titanium Ltd each contributed with 40,000 Danish kroner. Hudson Resources Inc, North American Nickel Inc, and Greenfields Exploration Ltd each contributed with 10,000 Danish kroner.

Naalakkersuisut (The Government of Greenland) congratulate all the prize winners and thanks all participants of Ujarassiorit 2018. Merry Chistmass and Happy New Year.

For further information on the Mineral Hunt Ujarassiorit and the results, please contact: Geologist, Jonas Petersen on +299 34 65 49 or at