Reopening of licence areas previously held by NunaMinerals

Today the Mineral Licence and Safety Authority (MLSA) opens the exploration licence areas previously held by NunaMinerals A/S for new applications

From today all exploration licence areas previously held by NunaMinerals A/S, except exploration licence 2006/10, will be open for new applications. Applications received from 1 October 2017 to 30 November 2017 (both days included) will be processed as one batch period. Applications received later will be processed according to the standard batch procedure stated in the Standard Terms for Exploration and Prospecting licences in Greenland.

Applications for the reopened licence areas follow the normal application procedures for licences in Greenland. The areas are opened for all types of applications including exploration licences and small scale licences with the exception of the two areas reserved for small scale licences.

On 16 November 2016 NunaMinerals A/S was declared bankrupt by the Court of Greenland. In line with common practice, the MLSA has been in close dialog with the bankruptcy estate in order to settle the future for the licences. In accordance with Application procedures and Standard Terms for Mineral Exploration and Prospecting Licences in Greenland, the licensee has the opportunity to transfer the licences to a new licensee.

NunaMinerals A/S under bankruptcy has applied for a transfer of one exploration licence to another company. This concerns exploration licence 2006/10, called Vagar, located north of Nanortalik in South Greenland.

The Government of Greenland has approved this transfer on condition that the licence area is reduced so that two areas by Uunartoq Fjord are excluded from the licence area. The Government of Greenland has reserved these two areas for small scale licences. The 8 remaining exploration licences have been revoked and are now reopened.

For more information please contact:

Jørgen T. Hammeken-Holm, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Mineral Resources

Tel: (+299) 346846, E-mail:


Nadja Vedsted Sembach, Head of Licence Department, Mineral Licence and Safety Authority

Tel: (+299) 346823, E-mail: