Greenland joins Global Forum

The Minister for Finances and Taxes applied for membership of an ambitious international community on behalf of the Government of Greenland.

In a more globalized world, where people and money move across borders effortlessly, the Minister for Finance and Taxes is happy to announce that Greenland has officially joined Global Forum.

On 8th of February 2017, Greenland was officially invited to become a member of Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes due to the country’s preceding efforts. On 29th of August 2017, Greenland was welcomed as a member of Global Forum.

The Minister of Finance and Taxes, Aqqaluaq B. Egede, states the following:
”I’m happy to announce that Greenland is a member of Global Forum, where Greenland, along with 145 other member states, will work to secure tax revenue and combat cross-border tax evasion”.

The membership entails that Greenland has to implement and follow-through on the OECDs standard for Automatic Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes. The standard is an important step in order to restrain international tax evasion.

For further information, Head of office Rannvá Clementsen Tel.: +299 34 65 79,