Collections for the disaster victims in the Uummannaq area

Both the Government of Greenland and Municipality of Qaasuitsup Kommunia receive many requests from private individuals, associations, organizations, companies and even governments from other countries who wish to donate money, clothing or other materials to the disaster victims of the Uummannaq area.

The Government of Greenland , the Municipality of Qaasuitsup Kommunia and Kalaallit Røde Korsiat (Greenland Red Cross) are grateful for the willingness to help and support the disaster victims of Nuugaatsiaq and evacuated citizens of the villages Illorsuit and Niaqornat.

Kalaallit Røde Korsiat has taken the initiative to coordinate donations for the disaster victims from Nuugaatsiaq, in cooperation with Municipality of Qaasuitsup Kommunia. Kalaallit Røde Korsiat's efforts can be followed on their facebook page.

In addition, the Bank of Greenland and BankNordik have set up Donation Accounts:

Bank of Greenland Collection Account: 6471-1570134

BankNordik's collection account: 8120-3061822126

Likewise, TELE-POST has launched an SMS collection in support of Kalaallit Røde Korsiat's efforts for the affected populace in Uummannaq area. SMS can be sent to 1880 with the following codes:

IKIU 25 - To donate DKK 25,

IKIU 50 - To donate DKK 50,

IKIU 150 - To donate DKK 150.

The Greenland Government has, in agreement with the Municipality of Qaasuitsup Kommunia, established an account in the Bank of Greenland, where others who wish to officially donate can transfer their donations to: 6471-1570363.

IBAN nr. GL4164710001570363