Gordon Hamilton has died

Scottish-born glaciologist Gordon Hamilton from the University of Maine died recently during a research expedition to Antarctica. Gordon Hamilton spent many years researching the rapid deglaciation of the Greenland ice sheet, contributing to a better understanding of global warming and its correlation with the global rise in sea levels.

Funded by the American National Science Foundation (NSF), Gordon Hamilton visited Greenland annually over a period of several years, studying, among other things, the Kangerdlugssuaq glacier and the Helheim glacier, one of Greenland's largest and fastest glaciers.

Gordon Hamilton's contribution to international climate research was widely recognised, and according to the president of the University of Maine, where Hamilton served as a professor, his research was second to none. 

Gordon Hamilton died in a tragic accident when his snowmobile plunged into a 30 m deep crevasse in Antarctica. Thus, climate research, which was his lifeblood, also brought his life to its end.

From Greenland's perspective, it is due to his research that there is no longer any doubt about the dramatic climate change that we are experiencing here. 

With his passing, not only the USA, but also Greenland has lost one of the brightest and most highly respected climate change scientists in Greenland and the Arctic.

Gordon Hamilton was 50 years old. He is survived by his wife and two sons, Martin and Calum.