Speach by Qujaukitsoq at the signing ceremony

Speach by Minister of Industry, Labour, Trade and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Vittus Qujaukitsoq, at the signing of the Exploitation Licence and Impact Benefit Agreement for the Qaqortorsuaq/White Mountain (Naajat) Anorthosite project

First of all I would like to welcome all of you to this official signing of the Impact Benefit Agreement for the Qaqortorsuaq Anorthosite project.  Also welcome to Qeqqata Kommunia and representatives from the licensee Hudson Resources, who will be signing the IBA in Sisimiut.

Even though activities in mining worldwide have been slowing down the recent years, due to decreasing world market prices on a number of minerals and metals, there are still some bright spots – also in Greenland.

Last year the Greenland Government granted mining rights and a permission to start construction of the ruby and sapphire mine in Qeqertarsuatsiaat. We expect mining on this project to start soon.

With the signing of the IBA today, Hudson is one step closer to becoming the second Greenland mining project in more recent time. This is indeed an important milestone not only for Hudson, but also for Greenland. I am glad to say, that we all have a busy time ahead of us.

The IBA is one of the cornerstones and a strong tool in the long term work towards qualifying local Greenlandic labour to work in the mines, and thereby putting a local footprint on the new upcoming mining projects in Greenland.

The signing sends another strong signal to the mineral industry world wide; mining in Greenland is here to stay, and it is done in a sustainable way.

As part of the IBA, Hudson has to work close with the municipality, the labour market parties and educational institutions in Greenland. I myself find this very important and a must for a project to develop in a sustainable way.

A number of internship and apprenticeship positions will be implemented in the project, including training and education programmes for new employees in various positions.

A substantial part of the yearly purchase of goods and services for the mine has to be local anchored. Certain jobs during the construction and production phases such as transportation, security, catering and fuel delivery, have already been marked in the IBA for Greenland enterprises.

As you can tell, the mining project opens up a lot of opportunities for Greenland. In order for the project to become a success, it of course has to be favourable for all parties, also for Hudson. I think all parties - with the signing of this IBA - have found a path that favors all.

I would like to thank all the parties to the IBA for a constructive dialog. Hudson has worked professional towards becoming a mining company in Greenland, and I am excited that we are close to the goal. I hope the project will benefit many people, including the residents in Qeqqata Kommunia.

Thank you.


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