Winners of Ujarassiorit 2014 have been found!

Laura Jensen from Narsaq, who is a ujarassiorit-enthusiast winds the first prize of this year’s version of Ujarassioriand receives DKK 55,000. She has collected three rock samples at Eqaluit Iluat 20 km north of Narsaq. The samples are collected from bedrock within a small area and are mineralized granodiorites with quartz-veins. The rocks reveal a geological continuity with mineralizations in the area and contents of zinc (3-4%), lead (0,3%) and molybdenum (500 gram per metric ton ore). Laura has done an excellent documentation the sampling area and has submitted samples with adequate sizes.

-”Each sommer when we sail on boat to have picnic we also bring our children to show rocks and tell them what they are and where they come from”, tells Laura Jensen who often participate the Ujarassiorit - mineral hunt contest. She has won the first prize of Ujarassiorit in 1997 and some years later the 2nd prize. She and her husband have though the years gained knowledge about minerals and use of equipment such as magnet, hammer and hand lens.

The 2nd prize of DKK 25,000 goes to Dina Jensen from Saqqaq. She has found and submitted two sulfide-rich rocks from the vicinity of Saqqaq, southern coast of Nuussuaq-peninsula. The best sample contains 26 % zinc, 8% lead and silver (80 gram per metric ton ore). 

Two 3rd prizes of DKK 10,000 have been awarded.

•  The first 3rd prize goes to Ejnar Jakobsen from Arsuk, who has submitted a sulfide-mineralized geniss with elevated contents of copper (0,9%) and gold (0,1 gram per metric ton ore)   from Ikka-fiord southeast of Arsuk.

•  The other 3rd prize goes to til Akaaraq Hansen from Saqqaq. Akaaraq has found a beautiful banded agate, which can be used as a gemstone when polished.

Four 4th prizes of each DKK 5,000 tax-free were awarded:

•  A large flake of molybdenite from outlet of Ameralik-fiord. The sample has been collected by Peter Lynge Petersen, Nuuk.

•  A kimberlite-sample from outlet of Kangerluarsuk Ungalleq-fiord, north of Sisimiut. The collector is Hans Peter Lennert fra Sisimiut.

•  A sample of hematite with iron content of 63 % from Saarlia near Kullorsuaq, submitted by Tobias Danielsen fra Kullorsuaq.

•  A sulfide mineralized pillow lave basalt from Ryberg fiord east to Kangerlussuaq in East Greenland, submitted by Hans Sanimuinnaq from Kuummiut.

Ujarassiorit, which is a national mineral hunt for amateur geologists, has now run 26 years. From every post office, residents of Greenland can, free of charge, send in rosamples for further geological examination. For further information regarding Ujarassiorit, please click on


Figure 1: Map showing the localities of the winning samples


See photos from the presentation of the winners here. 

See the diagram of the collected numbers of the stone samples through the years here.


Ujarassiorit is run and financed by the Government of Greenland.

GrønlandsBankens Erhvervsfond has sponsored with DKK 40,000 to the total prize amount.


Xploration Services, Hudson Resources Inc., LNS Greenland A/S og KGHM International have each sponsored withDKK 10,000 to the total prize amount.

For additional information please contact geologogist Jonas Petersen on phone number: +299 34 65 49 or e-mail: