New members of a new Government

The chairmen of the new coalition parties in Greenland, Kim Kielsen (Siumut) together with Andreas Uldum (Democrats) and Knud Kristiansen (Atassut) presented the composition of the new members of the Government, Wednesday 10. December 2014.

- The Coalition Agreement contents are comprehensive and we are looking forward to start the work as soon as the members of the Government has been approved by the Greenland Parliament on Friday, said the coming Prime Minister Kim Kielsen.

The Inaugural Session of the Parliamentary Assembly is on Friday, where the composition of the Government will be approved. The election for the Greenland Parliament happened on 28th of Nov. 2014.


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Kim Kielsen, Chairman for The Naalakkersuisut - Premier and Minister for Domestic Affairs.

Vittus Qujaukitsoq, Minister for Industry, Labor, Trade and Foreign Affairs.  

Karl-Kristian Kruse, Minister for Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture.

Martha Lund Olsen, Minister for Families, Equality and Social Welfare.

Doris Jakobsen, Minister for Health and Nordic Co-operation.



Andreas Uldum, Minister for Finance and Mineral Resources, 1. Vice Premier.

Nivi Olsen, Minister for Education, Culture, Church and Science.



Knud Kristiansen, Minister for Housing, Building and Infrastructure, 2. Vice Premier.

Mala Høy Kuko, Minister for Nature,  Environment and Justice.