Joint press release by Nunavut and Greenland

From June 30 to July 4 Greenland are hosting a Nunavut delegation visit led by Premier of Nunavut, Honourable Peter Taptuna and Minister of Education, Honourable Paul Quassa.

On July 1 Premier Mr. Taptuna had a meeting with Premier Ms. Aleqa Hammond to discuss the airlink between Nuuk and Iqaluit, resources and economic development, education, hunting and fishing and the EU ban on import of seal products.

Following the meeting on July 2, Nunavut and Greenland signed a joint statement in which they emphasized common issues where they can work together to achieve important results.

After the meeting Premier Ms. Hammond said:

"It is for Naalakkersuisut very important to work with our neighbors to the west, because we have many similarities and common interests with Nunavut. Greenland already has good cooperation with Nunavut in several areas.

The meeting served to prioritize some specific areas where there is potential for much closer cooperation. In particular, I would like to highlight our conversations with Nunavut on the EU ban on import of seal products. The EU import ban affects hunters in Nunavut and Greenland very strongly. Nunavut and Greenland share common views and interests.

With the conclusion of the WTO case, it is now important that we coordinate our efforts. I together with Peter Taptuna will participate at ICC’s general assembly in Inuvik later this month, and there we will discuss the EU ban on import of seal products again.”

After the meeting Premier Mr. Taptuna said:

"Continued bi-lateral discussions between Greenland Self-Government and the Government of Nunavut serve to strengthen opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

There are areas where our jurisdictions have common interests and both see potential benefits in cross-border links, such as the airlink between Nuuk and Iqaluit.

We are interested in working closely on commercial opportunities in hunting and fishing, especially if conceivable benefits are viable and expand our market access.

Greenland and Nunavut share similar values regarding the sustainability of the seal hunt. By working closely, we are committed to continued advocacy in pressing the EU to understand sealing in our countries and its importance to our livelihood, to our local economy and to our communities."

In addition to meeting with Premier Ms. Hammond, Premier Mr. Taptuna met the Minister for Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, Mr. Finn Karlsen, President of Inatsisartut Lars-Emil Johansen, Inatsisartuts Committee on Foreign affairs and Security policy and the CEO of Royal Greenland Mr. Mikael Thinghuus.

On Thursday July 3 Premier Ms. Hammond will host a boat trip in Nuuk Fjord where the Nunavut delegation will visit Qooqqut.

Joint Statement of Aleqa Hammond, Premier of Greenland, and Peter Taptuna, Premier of Nunavut Nuuk, 1 July 2014_ENG