Announcement of exploitation licence is a big step in the right direction

VQ Bygde seminar 140913 - It is great news that there is now clarification about the actual exploitation licence.

The planned iron mine has moved a big step closer today and in the longer term, this project could pave the way for a healthy mining industry, estimates Vittus Qujaukitsoq.

- It is clear that a project of this size will also affect our Finance Bill. It will generate increased tax revenues and we have a raw material fund that will benefit the entire country. But a tremendous responsibility rests on our shoulders of raising the skill level of the labour force and giving our business community the best opportunities to be a part of the project. Because only by being an active part of the project and ensuring local employment, will we raise our prosperity and welfare.

- Today, a big step has been taken for the entire project and the country's possibilities of creating a mining industry. But only when the final licences have been granted and the company has financing to initiate the construction, will the mine be realised. Naalakkersuisut hopes that this will take place up to the preparation of upcoming Proposals for the Finance Bills where we can include the direct and indirect consequences of the project.