25 years with Ujarassiorit!

The national mineral hunt Ujarassiorit has started up for the 25th time.

A total of DKK 120,000 tax-free prizes is awarded, of which the 1st prize is DKK 55,000 tax-free.

Ujarassiorit is administrated and financed by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral resources. The winners get prizes from the following companies and funds:

The Bank of Greenland Industrial Fund and Greenland Minerals and Energy A/S have each contributed with DKK 40,000 to the total prize amount.

NunaMinerals A/S have contributed with DKK 10,000 to the total prize amount.

On the homepage www.ujarassiorit.gl the mineral hunters can find relevant information about how to participate in Ujarassiorit. One can also download folders and publications which may be of help in the mineral hunt. An example of this is the booklet ”Mineral-guide – Prospektering for amatører”, which is available free of charge at every post office in July.


At the post office cardboard boxes are available and there is a delivery note which the mineral hunter must fill out with name, address etc. There is also a map on which the finding place should be marked. Postage is free of charge.

The sample must be received before October 1st 2013 to participate in this year’s mineral hunt. Samples received after October 1st 2013 will automatically enter into the mineral hunt next year.

Only amateur geologists with a permanent address in Greenland can participate. Only samples from Greenland can be submitted and only samples with an exact description of finding place will qualify for a prize. Each cardboard box should contain only one rock sample the size of a fist and the sample should preferable not be a loose rock. Submitted samples will not be returned.


Happy hunting!


The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources




For information regarding Ujarassiorit and geology please contact:

Senior Geologist Anette Clausen

For additional information on mineral resources please contact:

Deputy Minister Jørn Skov Nielsen

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

P. O. Box 1601

3900 Nuuk

Phone: +299 34 50 00

Fax: +299 32 56 00

E-mail: isiin@nanoq.gl