Presentation of Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond

Aleqa til net 060613

Results of Greenland parliament elections on 12th of April 2013 made it clear that the oldest political party in Greenland, Siumut as the winner of the election is to lead Greenland into a new political era for the next 4 years. This time the party is facing to lead Greenland in times of change, to next step, where a possible rapid industrial development is on the doorstep and will situate the country in an even more focused position between most powerful industrial nations in the world. Facing times of historic changes another significant step took place, as the outcome of the election results showed that the head of Siumut party, Aleqa Hammond is to become the first female prime minister of Greenland.

Else Olsvig from Tusagassiivik, Information Office of Greenland Government is meeting Madame Prime Minister at her office for a presenting interview. Aleqa Hammond begins with presenting her self:


Listen to interview.