Kalistat Lund

The Minister for Agriculture, Self-Sufficiency, Energy and Environment

Date of Birth 8 May 1959

Married to Ivalo Egede Lund, three children and we have five grandchildren.

Political offices

1997-2001 Mayor of Narsaq Municipality

2004-06 (Chairman of the Independence Committee)

2013-17 Member of the Landsting

Political offices in committees, memberships

2004 The Audit Committee

2004 The Construction Committee

2004 Member of the Northeast Atlantic Council

2013-17 The Construction Committee, Mineral Resources Committee

Political offices as a substitute

2004-06 Substitute member of the Landsting

Work experience

1980-82 Employed at Narsarsuaq Airport

1983-86 Trainee aircraft mechanic, Air Greenland

1988-20 Pilot, Air Greenland.


1966-78 Municipal primary and lower secondary school

1978-80 Higher Preparatory Examination Course (HF) - Nuuk

1982-86 Training as an aircraft mechanic

1986-88 Training as a pilot




English (English for everyday conversations)