Doris J. Jensen

Doris J. Jensen
Day of birth 30th October 1978, married to Ejvind, 5 Children.

Political posts
2018 - Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Justice
2018 - 2018 Minister of Health and Research
2016-20018 Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Church
2014-2016 Minister of Health and Nordic Cooperation
2011-2014 Member of the Danish Parliament
2009 Substitutes for member of the Danish Parliament
2009 –2011 Member of Municipality Committee in Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, 2nd Deputy Mayor
2006-2008 Member of Municipality Committee in Nuup Kommunia
2005-2006 Minister of Culture, Education, Research and Church
2002- Member of the Danish Parliament

Committee Memberships
2006-2014 Various Committee Memberships in Inatsisartut
2002-2005 Various Committee Memberships in Inatsisartut
2011-2014 Vice Chairperson in the Greenland Committees in the Danish Parliament
2011-2014 Member of the Legal Affairs Committee, the Foreign Affairs Board and the Defence Committee in the Danish Parliament
2003 Participation of UN General Assembly

Positions of trust
Chairperson of Greenlandic Youth Council
2009-2011 Organizational Vice Chairperson of Siumut
Representative of Nordic Youth Committee
2004-2006 ICC delegate of Siumut
1999-2005 National Chairman of Siumut Youth
1997- Member of Board of Directors in Siumut
1996-1998 Local Chairman of Siumut Youth, Aasiaat

Employment history
Environmental Worker, Nuuk
Employee in Siumut Headquarters, Nuuk
Clerk, Ilulissat, Aasiaat and Nuuk
Organize of youth program ’Oqarit’, Ilulissat.
1999 Voluntary worker in Kenya with Mellemfolkelig Samvirke

2016-2017 Basic Leadership Training, Leadership Academy, Greenland
2009 High School Supplementary Course, Math A, Physics/Chemistry B
2000-2002 Student Teacher, Teacher Seminar
2000 Intensive English Language course in Carleton University, Canada
1995-1998 High School Diploma, High School in North Greenland, Aasiaat
1994-1995 9th grade Primary School in Sønderborg
1984-1994 Primary School, Ilulissat

Greenlandic, Danish, English