Greenland and Iceland in the New Arctic

The report ”Greenland and Iceland in the New Arctic” of the Greenland committee Appointed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development Co-operation, has published a report on the Greenland – Iceland cooperation and development. The publication is the first and by far, the most extensive report that addresses recommendations to improve co-operation between Greenland – Iceland.

The Greenland committee have held many meetings during 2019 and 2020 with stakeholders in both Greenland and Iceland.

The report has been initiated by the Icelandic Foreign Minister and thereby it is an Icelandic report and the recommendations are the work of the Committee alone. They are intended as a template for future co-operation between the countries and to provide consultation for the Minister. The Committee has prioritised 10 recommendations for policy development, and furthermore proposes that Greenland and Iceland enter into a framework agreement on future areas of Co-operation.

Both countries have diplomatic missions in Nuuk and in Reykjavik, and besides the overall political collaboration, there is a growing economic connection between the two countries.

Greenland and Iceland already have great mutual interests, incl. on trade, health, fisheries, infrastructure, minerals, energy, air traffic, tourism and in the Arctic. The report also has a specific focus on East Greenland which is Iceland’s closest neighbours and therefore for many years have had a special connection and interaction to the population and area in general.

The report contains 100 specific recommendations, whereas 10 recommendations has been prioritised. A comprehensive summary of these recommendations can be found at the end of the report. The report has been translated from Icelandic to English and has 272 pages in total.

Read the full report here and the summary here.