Emergency in Iceland

If you have very serious problems in Iceland during a trip to or from Greenland, it is possible to contact the Greenland Representation in Reykjavik to seek help.
If you need immediate police assistance in Iceland, call 112.

The Greenland Representation cannot help with:
To buy and / or pay for travel tickets.
Offer shelter or accommodation.
Pay off loans or do banking.
Pay welfare benefits or pensions.
Get released from jail or pay a lawyer.
Pay hospital or doctor without security from yourself, your bank or family.
Get yourself a job or work permit.

Lost wallet, card or mobile
If you lose your money and / or debit card, contact your card issuer and bank as soon as possible and notify them. You can contact the Icelandic police on +354 444 2500 (in Reykjavik) and be forwarded for lost property.

If you have had your passport stolen, it is important that you immediately report the theft to the local police, and make sure you receive a receipt for your report. Contact your embassy about passports and emergency passports.

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