About the Representation

The Greenland Representation in Reykjavík opened in October 2018, with the aim of ensuring a closer further development of the good neighborhood between Greenland and Iceland, through i.a. strengthened trade, cultural and economic cooperation.
The Community, together with Iceland, has been significantly strengthened in recent years and new possible areas of cooperation have been identified. Concrete political co-operation in the West Nordic Council and in the Nordic Council of Ministers is well established, where the Representation's presence has been extremely relevant. The representation participates in and co-arranges regular meetings in the identified priority areas of cooperation, including in particular in fisheries, health, tourism, trade, aviation and the veterinary area.

The representation also provides service for all Ministries of the Government of Greenland.
The representation currently consists of a Head of Representation and a locally employed secretary, as well as an intern.
On this website you can find general information about the Greenland-Icelandic collaborations, and references to a number of useful information.