Greenland Representation in Reykjavik

Head of Representation Tove Søvndahl Gant welcomes Greenland's Representation in Iceland.

Greenland and Iceland share a long common history, which goes back over 1000 years and where the clear traces can be seen and experienced to this day.
We collaborate in a large number of areas that we have in common. We work and live in each other's countries. We are interested in each other's political solutions and ways of organizing our society. We travel with each other. We study at each other's universities and meet at colleges. Cultural life also thrives across borders. Both countries are deeply committed to the international agenda, including the Nordic Council, the Arctic Council and the West Nordic Council, where we work together on the basis of our common values.

The task of the Representation in Reykjavík is i.a. to act as a bridge builder, and as a representation we have a very special position in relation to Icelandic society, Icelandic authorities and the Icelandic business community towards whom we represent Greenlandic interests. We have a special insight into Icelandic conditions from a Greenlandic perspective. We can help with access to the Greenlandic market. We can also help with practical things. Description of our work areas can be found on our website. We are also found on social media like facebook and twitter.

This website provides general information about Greenland, and the Greenland-Icelandic collaborations, and provides references to a number of useful information.

And you are always welcome to make a personal inquiry.


Covid-19 information, Iceland & Grønland

The representation can not grant permits and exemptions for travel to Greenland. For current information about entry to Greenland, please refer to or contact the corona secretariat at or phone: +299 80 11 00.

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