Below you will find information about the possibility of doing an internship at Greenland's Representation to the EU. (Danish speakers only)

At the Greenland Representation Brussels, students have the opportunity to attend a study-relevant internship for 6 months during the periods 1. February to 31. July or 1. September to 31. January. The internship will be organized so that credit transfer can be made if the intern's university allows it.

It is the Representation general task to handle Greenland's interests in the EU. Greenland is not a member of the EU, but is associated with the OCT Association (Overseas Countries and Territories). Greenland also has a number of agreements that must be regularly evaluated and negotiated with the EU, such as the Partnership Agreement and the Fisheries Partnership Agreement.

We offer an opportunity for students to employ their professional knowledge in practical situations. The intern is given the opportunity to make a number of interesting projects and tasks, it can be either planned projects or tasks, but they can also be ad hoc. During the internship, it will be possible for the student to influence the final product produced by the Representation.

The areas that the interns are primarily concerned with are: the OCT cooperation and the tasks that are involved in the cooperation, Greenland's Fisheries Partnership Agreement with the EU and the Partnership Agreement between Greenland and the EU. In addition, there are many ad hoc tasks that occur during the internship period.

We are currently looking for an intern for autumn 2019, you can find more information here. Note, that it is all in Danish.