Areas of Cooperation between the EU and OCTA

OCTA and EU have established several instances of dialogue, in accordance with the Overseas Association Decision.

At OCTs-EU forum for dialogue meets annually, back to back to the OCT ministerial meeting, to bring together OCTs authorities, representatives of the Member States and the Commission. Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the EIB, and representatives of the Outermost Regions (ORs) are also invited to attend the Forum. The Forum is held biennially in an OCT and biennially in Brussels, and is chaired by the Commission.

On a regular basis, the Commission, the OCTs and the Member States hold trilateral consultations in Brussels. These consultations shall be organised at least four times a year on the initiative of the Commission or at the request of the OCTs and of the Member States. At the consultations the partners update on the current situation of their partnerships on a territorial, regional and global level. 

In agreement between the OCTs, the Member States and the Commission, partnership working parties, acting in an advisory capacity, are set up to follow the implementation of the association, at a more technical level. These partnership working parties may be convened at the request of the Commission, of a Member State or of an OCT. They provide for technical discussions on matters, which are of specific concern to the OCTs and the Member States, complementing the work that is being done in the OCTs-EU Forum and/or in the trilateral consultations. 

Several Partnership Working Parties have been set up dealing with:

  • environment, natural disasters and climate change
  • renewable energy
  • regional integration
  • rules of origin and trade
  • financial services
  • research and education 

Greenland is involved in all discussions but has been particularly involved in environment working group due to the obvious consequences in the arctic of climate change. The work with environmental issues will continue and enhance.