Veterinary Agreement

A Council decision from 2011 reads: "laying down simplified rules and procedures on sanitary controls of fishery products, live bivalve molluscs, echinoderms, tunicates, marine gastropods, by-products thereof and products derived from these by-products coming from Greenland"

This decision regulates rules and procedures for the application of sanitary controls for fishery products originating from Greenland or introduced into Greenland from third countries and thereafter exported to the European Union.

In June 2014 the first shipment of Greenland Halibut from Canada landed at the harbor in Nuuk and the first inspection could begin. In 2014 the inspection will be manned by the Danish Food Authorities, but from next season, the inspections in Nuuk and Sisimiut will be made by Greenlandic authorities. 

Below you can find a link to the Agreement.