Kimberley Process

In February 2015 Greenland was officially admitted into the Kimberley Process through its association with the EU.

The Council decision enables Greenland to participate in the Kimberley Process Certification scheme on rough diamonds through its cooperation with the European Union. Provided that all imports and exports of rough diamonds are verified and for exports certified by Union authorities. 

Trade in rough diamonds in Greenland shall therefore be conducted in accordance  with Union rules. In particular Greenland shall only export rough diamonds to other participants in the Kimberley Process Certification scheme after they have been certified by a Union authority. The imports of rough diamonds into Greenland shall also be verified by Union authorities. In order to permit the international trade of rough diamonds in Greenland, in accordance with the rules on trade within the Union, Greenland shall undertake to transpose and implement the relevant provisions of EC regulation into the national law of Greenland. 

There are 54 members of the Kimberley Process, with the EU counting as a single participant. As an OCT, Greenland is qualified for EU assistance within economic and social development, which is why Greenland has become part of the Kimberley Process through its cooperation with the EU. The membership effectively means that Greenland can only export raw diamonds to other countries participating in the Kimberley Process.

Greenland is the first OCT to become part of the KP.

Below you can find a link to the official admission of Greenland.