Foreign Policy Reports

Foreign Policy Report provides an annual overview of the Government of Greenlands foreign policy activities.

Naalakkersuisut issues an annual Foreign Policy Report to Inatsisartut. The report intends to give a short presentation of Naalakkersuisut´s foreign policy and international activities in the previous year, and based on this outline prospects for future action.

The structure and disposition clarifies the relationship between Nalakkersuisuts foreign policy and the administration of resources and results.

Part I: The section is about Greenland's overall foreign policy cooperation. The overview of Greenland's foreign and security policy, the Arctic, the Nordic and European cooperation.

Part II is about Naalakkersuisut´s international resort work in which the current tasks within each department are described.

The Foreign policy reports are only available in Greenlandic and Danish. You can access the policy reports here.