The Department of Foreign Affairs is part of the Premier of Greenland's portfolio, and thus placed in the Premier's Office.

The Danish Government holds the foreign and defence policy competence on behalf of the Realm, despite this, there has been a foreign affairs office in Greenland since 1994. The office have perfomed Naalakkersuisuts policies, along with coordinating and facilitating parts of the ministries' international activities for the last 20 years.

Following the spurring interest in foreign relations, the Naalakkersuisut chose to upgrade the foreign office on January 1st, 2004 into the current Department of Foreign Affairs. The Naalakkersuisut wanted to show that foreign and defence policies has the same priority as the other areas of administration under the Self Rule. In June 2009, following the elections to the Inatsisartut, the new Premier chose to move the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Premier's Office. Also Nordic cooperation was strengthened, by reorganizing it under the Minister of Environment and Nature's portfolio. Servicing the Minister for Environment and Nature in questions regarding the Nordic cooperation, remains a Department of Foreign Affairs responsibility.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is placed in the Premier's Office in Nuuk. The representations in Brussels and Washington D.C., along with a few employees at the representation in Copenhagen, are organized under the Department of Foreign Affairs.