Greenland's involvement is concentrated in these forums

Greenland has made its marks on the Danish chairmanship program of the Nordic Council of Ministers, which gives priority to strengthening the role of North Atlantic cooperation , particularly in the development of joint projects with Canada. The focus is on residential and commercial development in sparsely populated areas and the aim to provide the necessary professional skills for all citizens. In addition the special focus on Arctic issues are in the chairmanship program for 2015.

Nordic Council is parliamentary body in which Greenland participates with two members appointed by Inatsisartut. The background to the Nordic Council is the desire for a cooperative body to the 5 Nordic countries and the three autonomous territories parliamentarians (Members of Parliament and members of Inatsisartut) and governments. Council takes initiatives, advisory and controlling in the questions relating the cooperation between these countries.

Nordic Council of Ministers is the official joint cooperation body of the Nordic governments. The background to the formation was the desire for strengthening the Nordic cooperation between the Nordic governments and government members. With Åland document from 2007, Greenland (along with the other autonomous territories) the opportunity to participate in the board of Nordic institutions and to lead the meetings of Ministers and official committees. Greenland will in 2015 especially get more significant in the work, through meetings and Nordic activities which are being held in Greenland.

The West Nordic Council is the body of parliamentarians from the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. The purpose of this work is to forward common West Nordic interests and act as an intermediary for both the Nordic Council and other international cooperative groups.

Look also at extracts from Inatsisartut website.

Nordic Institute in Greenland, NAPA (Nunani Avannarlerni Piorsarsimassutsikkut Attaveqaat), is housed in Katuaq in Nuuk. NAPA is an institution under the Council of Ministers inauguration in 1987. NAPAs tasks are to strengthen cultural contacts with the other Nordic countries, inform in the Nordic countries on Greenland conditions and vice versa, as well as to support and stimulate the Greenlandic culture.

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