Nordic Cooperation

Greenland`s Nordic commitment is concentrated in three forums: Nordic Council, Nordic Council and West Nordic Council

Naalakkersuisuts nordic policy is the part of the overall foreign policy that directed for work in the Nordic Council of Ministers and for Inatsisartut in working at the Nordic Council and the West Nordic Council.

Naalakkersuisuts nordic policy is based on the following principles:

  1. Naalakkersuisuts policy should assert itself in the regional policy cooperation as is in Nordic cooperation according to the Helsinki Agreement.
  2. The Government acknowledges its role as a responsible government when it comes to providing constructive contribution to the regional policy cooperation. This will be achieved through active participation in the political and professional level.
  3. The Government will use the Nordic cooperation to promote Greenland´s political interests in other international organsationer and institutions.
  4. The Government will actively cooperate with the Greenland parliamentary representatives in the Nordic and the West Nordic cooperation to optimize Greenlandic advantage of and influence on the joint Nordic decisions.