The Naalakkersuisut foreign and security policy competence

The Danish Government continues to hold the competence regarding foreign and security policies, although the Naalakkersuisut holds the competence within areas concerning Greenland and its hometaken areas of responsibility.

By the introduction of Self Government on June 21. 2009, was the Home Rule Law and Power of Attorney Act was replaced by the current Act on Self-Government. Naalakkersuisut`s foreign policy competence will now be regulated by the Constitution, Self-Government Act and by practice.

There is a clear defined responsibilities within the Self-Rule Governance internally between the Naalakkersuisut (including the Department of Foreign Affairs) on one side, and the Inatsisartut (parliament) Foreign and Security Policy Committee on the other side. Naalakkersuisut is responsible for the foreign policy, and continuously forwards reports and information about foreign- and security policy topics relevant to Greenland, for discussion in the Committee.

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