Environment and Natureprice

Each year the Government of Greenland gives the Environment and Nature Award to a person, in-stitution or organisation that makes a difference to the environment and nature in Greenland.

In 2004, the Government of Greenland decided to give an Environment and Nature award each year. The first award was in 2007, and since then, awards have been given every year.

Anyone can make a nomination as to who should receive the award provided that the objectives listed below are fulfilled:

The award is given in recognition of individuals, institutions or organisations that as pioneers and enthusiasts help to raise  nature and environment consciousness in all of us, or whose projects result in specific efforts to improve the environment in Greenland.

This means that individuals, institutions or organisations that make a difference to the environment and nature in Greenland or increase our awareness of the environment and nature can receive an award from the Government of Greenland.

The announcement of the Environment and Nature award is made through the media. Typically, the deadline for nominations for the award is September or October, although it may vary. Nominations for the award can be sent by e-mail to npann@nanoq.gl with an explanation of why that candidate should receive the award.