Waste-water is an inevitable part of everyday life. A permit from the Ministry is required to discharge waste-water. The permit will ensure that the discharge takes place as responsibly as possible, and with due consideration for public health and the environment.

What is waste-water?

Waste-water means all water derived from residences, businesses and other buildings. Waste-water includes so-called domestic waste-water, grey water, black water and process waste-water, drainage water and roof and surface run-off water.

Permit to discharge

Waste-water can only be discharged into water courses, lakes or the sea provided that the Ministry has given a permit to discharge. There will be a series of conditions in the discharge permit that must be observed. A permit, for example, contains conditions on the discharge quantity and composition, layout, internal control, cleaning measures and time limits.

Application for a discharge permit

An application for a discharge permit must include:

 Details about the applicant and ownership information

 Description of the business/household/plant from which the discharge will take place

 Information on the establishment of the applied plant

 Drawings showing the placement of buildings and other parts of the property that are connected to the waste-water facility from which the discharge will take place

 Description of the waste-water

 Proposal for terms and conditions and internal control

Applications for a discharge permit must be in writing and submitted to the Ministry of Independence, Nature, Environment and Agriculture:

Ministry of Independence, Nature, Environment and Agriculture

npann@nanoq.gl Post Office Box 1614

3900 Nuuk

If there will be waste-water discharge associated with operating a heavily polluting enterprise, a waste-water permit should be applied for, as well as seeking environmental approval. This happens also with the Ministry of Independence, Nature, Environment and Agriculture.


The statutory framework for the waste- water sector is made up of:

 Chapter 4 of Parliament of Greenland Act No. 9 of 22 November 2011 on the protection of teh environment

 The Government of Greenland Proclamation No. 10 of 12 June 2015 on the disposal of sewage and waste water