Heavily Polluting Enterprises

The companies that must have environmental approval go respectively under the everyday names of “Chapter 5 companies” and “Listed companies”.

Is your company a Heavily Polluting Enterprise?

The Heavily Polluting Enterprises, plants and installations, etc., are listed in the enterprise categories in Annex 1 Greenland Home Rule Proclamation No. 11 of 20 August 2004 on environmental approval of heavily polluting enterprises, etc.:

For Annex 1, click here. Enterprise categories are as follows:   

  1. Production of iron, steel or other metals
  2. Extraction and processing of gravel, stone and other building materials
  3. Treatment of crude oil, petroleum products and bitumen
  4. Chemical manufacturing, etc.
  5. Processing of vegetable raw materials
  6. Processing of animal raw materials
  7. Storage, disposal or treatment of waste in general
  8. Power and heat generation
  9. Construction for motor vehicles and other means of transport
  10. Animal husbandry
  11. Other enterprises

You can find information about whether your company, plant, device, etc., is a Heavily Polluting Enterprise and which category your company, plant, device, etc., belongs to by reading here.