Environmental permits

Heavily Polluting Enterprises are the largest and most polluting industrial activities and installations. It is important that these activities be regulated in their operation and work, as they can lead to significant pollution to the detriment of the environment and public health. Heavily Polluting Enterprises must therefore have an environmental permit.

Why do you need an environmental permit?

An environmental permit contains a number of conditions designed to minimise pollution during the establishment and operation of an enterprise. The permit can stipulate, for example, limits on discharge, the maximum volume of waste water, noise limits and requirements for internal control.

Start-up or expansion of a Heavily Polluting Enterprise

Heavily Polluting Enterprises shall not be established or started until a permit to do so has been granted. Existing companies can also apply for approval if they do not already have an environmental permit. Heavily Polluting Enterprises must also not be expanded or changed structurally or operationally in a way that involves increased pollution before such expansion or change is approved.

Application for environmental permit

An application for an environmental permit is made by answering and addressing in writing all the points that appear in Annex 2 to the Greenland Home Rule Proclamation No. 11 of 20 August 2004 on environmental approval of heavily polluting enterprises, etc.

You can find Annex 2 by clicking here.


Documentation may have to be enclosed to answer some of the questions. If the information is not relevant to the company in question, this should be stated in the application.

The application for environmental approval is sent to the Ministry of Independence, Nature, Environment and Agriculture:

Ministry of Independence, Nature, Environment and Agriculture

Post Office Box 1614

3900 Nuuk


Immediately after receipt of the application, the applicant will be assigned a caseworker who will process the application.

New environmental approvals are published on the website. You can find them on the Announcements page.


Environmental approval must be sought pursuant to the following two statutory provisions: