Reporting environmental pollution

When you discover pollution in the sea, it is important to note the following:

  • Cause of the spill (grounding, collision, fire, etc.)
  • Location of the pollution (coordinates, distance to coast etc.)
  • Time of the observation 
  • The extent (oil slicks, oil spots, the size of the polluted area, etc.) 
  • Type, colour, consistency, odour of the pollution 
  • The direction of movement of the spill
  • Weather conditions (ice, waves, wind speed and direction, light conditions, etc.)
  • The area’s use (recreation area, fishing and hunting area, etc.)
  • Take a sample of the pollution if possible


A reporting form is also available here. The form can be completed by companies, private individuals, the local fire service, etc. The reporting form must be sent to:

Ministry of Independence, Nature, Environment and Agriculture

Post box 1614

3900 Nuuk