Application for the dumping of fish waste

In the production of fish products, the fishing industry generates waste in the form of fish viscera, heads and the like. The Government is working on ways of using fish waste for other purposes, so that the amount of fish waste to be dumped is minimised.

The Government can grant permits for the dumping of organic material originating from fishing and hunting.  The permit for dumping is granted according to a specific assessment of the current recipient conditions. A permit for the dumping of fish waste contains a number of conditions which aim to minimise pollution. The Ministry can stipulate conditions in the permit, for example, maximum dumping amounts, indicated dumping location, and production requirements.

A dumping permit requires a written application. The applicant can request a permit by submitting written answers to a number of questions contained in the application form.

The application for a permit for the dumping of fish waste must be submitted to the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Justice:   

Ministry of Nature, Environment and Energy
Post Office Box 1614

3900 Nuuk

Immediately on receipt of the application, the applicant will be assigned a caseworker, who will process the application.