Packaging can have an environmental impact if left in nature. When, for example, a bottle has been emptied by the consumer, it is important that it is returned so that it can be re-used or be part of the manufacture of new packaging material.

What is packaging?

Packaging is a term for products that are used for packaging, storage, protection and transport of goods from a producer to a consumer. Packaging can, for example, be made of metal, glass or plastic.


Greenlandic packaging legislation aims to ensure that the packaging used for beer and carbonated soft drinks is, to the greatest possible extent, used in a return system, so as to avoid the packaging harming the Greenlandic nature.

The rules on packaging for beer and carbonated soft drinks can be found in Greenland government’s statutory regulation no. 16 of 28. May 2002 regarding packaging materials for beer and carbonated soft drinks.

Return system in Greenland

In West Greenland beer is sold in the little “chubby” glass bottles or plastic bottles. The deposit and return system means that Greenland has a return rate for both glass and plastic bottles of 98-99%.

In East and North Greenland it is allowed to sell beer and soft drinks in aluminium cans. In West Greenland it is not permitted to sell either beer or soft drinks in aluminium cans.