Litter defaces our towns and nature and can be harmful to the environment and to public health.
On the other hand, if waste is managed properly, it can be an important resource.

Waste Recycling

Today, incinerators in the country’s largest towns use part of the flammable waste to produce heat for our homes. A large portion of waste can be recycled if it is properly sorted. There are many valuable materials contained in waste, such as metals. The Environment Department addresses this and other issues through various campaigns.

Municipalities’ responsibility

The Government of Greenland is responsible for the overall planning of waste management. Waste management, however, is a municipal matter. Municipalities largely decide themselves how they will organise their particular waste system. Each municipality outlines the arrangement of the local waste management system and rules regarding waste in waste regulations.

Waste management plan

Together with the municipalities, the Government of Greenland is working on optimising solutions for the incineration, disposal, sorting and recycling of waste. Over a number of years, the Government of Greenland has been preparing a comprehensive waste management plan to coordinate these efforts.


The following provisions constitute the main legislation for waste:

Greenland Home Rule Proclamation No. 35 of 30 August 1994 on restriction of pollution from enterprises, etc., which do not have special environmental approval