Environmental conditions for prospecting and exploration licenses

Where are the sensitive areas?

Conditions for the protection of environment, nature and the climate are applicable to certain activities in some areas at certain times of the year.

The online map shows sensitive areas. In sensitive areas, special rules and conditions apply to the fieldwork carried out in connection with mineral resources activities.

For more information or questions regarding environmental conditions please contact us at eamra@nanoq.gl

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What is prospecting and exploration?

One in 1000 exploration projects have the potential to become a mine (Source: mining.com)

It requires many geological, but also environmental and technical studies to document the potential of a mining project.

A mineral exploration company starts with a prospecting or exploration license and embarks on various types of fieldwork.

Mineral prospecting, exploration, small-scale activities and scientific studies and their general licensing terms are explained in detail at www.govmin.gl.

  • A prospecting license is a licence without exclusive rights and without exploration obligations in a larger area (North, East or West Greenland).
  • An exploration license is for a smaller area with exclusive rights and with exploration obligations. The standard terms for an exploration license are valid for up to 22 years. For each year, exploration obligations increase.

In Greenland, there are currently 60 prospecting and exploration licenses. In 2019, fieldwork was carried out at 26 locations in Greenland.

For fieldwork under prospecting and exploration licenses, the following terms and regulations, including environmental conditions - and rules apply:

Small-scale licenses and scientific studies are always assessed separately, but must generally follow the rules for fieldworklisted above.

Rules for fieldwork and reporting

A set of rules for all fieldwork during prospecting and exploration, which describes, among other things:

  • Which activities a license holder may carry out under their licence
  • Which activities require further approval from the Mineral Resources Authority
  • Which areas are considered sensitive and where there are restrictions on activity and traffic
  • Which types of reporting the license holder shall submit to the authority.
  • Etc.

Guidelines for Waste Handling from Temporary Work Camps

Special rules for waste management for fieldwork, with more than 300 person days a year apply.