Public consultations, information and data

See video on public consultations in the EIA process

The videos are available in Danish and Greenlandic.

The videos are available in Danish and Greenlandic.

The videos are available in Danish and Greenlandic.

The videos are available in Danish and Greenlandic.

Read about public consultations in the EIA process

There are two statutory consultation periods in the EIA process.

It starts with a public consultation of 35 days of the project as stipulated in the Mineral Resources Act § 87 a-d.

After the consultation and the company's background studies, the company prepares an EIA report in compliance with Naalakkersuisut's guidelines. Once the EIA report is in compliance, the statutory public consultation of the EIA report itself can begin.

Public consultations are posted on Naalakkersuisut's consultation portal, which you will find here.

You find the guidelines here.

Open information and data

Most environmental data in the mineral resource area is made publicly available in reports. If you have any questions about the information, please contact us

Privacy of environmental data

Certain mineral resource data may be subject to restrictions and confidentiality for a limited period. For example, a mineral resource company may have rights to certain types of reported data over a specified period. Researchers have the right to publish their own data in a scientific context before they become fully publicly available.

You can find a list of all licences on and see them on the licence map in the same place. You can find the entire licence text for mineral exploitation licences on the website of the Naalakkersuisut

Public access requests

EAMRA regularly processes requests for public access pursuant to the Greenland Parliament Act no. 9 of 13 June 1994 on public access to documents in administrative files, with subsequent amendments thereto (the Public Access Act). You can find all Greenlandic laws at

Facts about public access to EIA reports

An EIA report is for all activities with significant impact on the environment. This is typically the case when a mineral resource company wants to move from exploration to exploitation.

The work on an EIA report in connection with a mine project that wishes to proceed to an application for an exploitation permit is a long process. Typically over several years.

Anyone can, pursuant to the Public Access Act, apply for public access to all documents submitted to the authority. Naalakkersuisut decided on 18 October 2017 that it also includes draft documents sent to the authorities. This also applies to drafts which are unfinished, unapproved, and which lack information in some areas. For example, unfinished draft EIA reports.

Handing over the documents to requests for access to documents does not mean that the public consultation has started. The public consultation will not start until the draft EIA report complies with the requirements of the Mineral Resources Act and applicable guidelines.