Strategic environmental impact assessment (SEIA)

Prior to opening up new areas for hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation licensing rounds, a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessments (SEIA) for the region is completed.

A SEIA describe the physical and biological environment, protected areas, endangered species, level of pollutants, etc. of an exploration area. The main purpose of a SEIA is to:

  • Provide background knowledge about the area for the Government of Greenland (decision-makers)
  • Show where more knowledge is needed in order to properly regulate the activities
  • Serve as background knowledge for the companies that want to work in the area – particularly in their preparation of an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)

The environmental impact assessments are prepared and updated by the Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE) and Pinngortitaleriffik, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR), on behalf of the Environmental Agency for Mineral Resource Activities (EAMRA).

Below is a link to the applicable SEIAs

Baffin Bay

Disko Island and Nuussuaq Peninsula, West Greenland

Disko West

Davis Strait

South Greenland

Western Greenland Sea

Jameson land