Guide to participate in EIA consultation

The Environmental Agency has produced this video to give a short presentation of why the mineral resource companies must prepare an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).

The video is a guide to understanding the EIA-process and the content requirements, in order to give the interested parties an opportunity to take a position on the EIA-draft by Dundas Titanium A/S.

In the EIA, the company must describe how they will organize their mining project, including the expected environmental impacts.

As part of the EIA, the company must describe how they will limit potential environmental impacts through the use of environmentally friendly technology, best practices and mitigating measures, as prescribed in the Mineral Resources Act.

The mitigating measures are incorporated as conditional provisions in the subsequent activity approval (for construction and operation).

The EIA is therefore used as a basis for formulating terms and conditions, which the company must comply with in order to counteract potential environmental impacts.